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How Do You Do Real Magic With Your Hands?

    This easy magic trick for the hands is pretty popular as this is one of the most beautiful tricks for the hands and it is done using only the hands. In this simple hand magic trick, you are just using the angles of your hands (and thumbs) to create an illusion. With this simple hand magic trick, you will be showing off how you can magically flex a spoon using only your hands.

    This is one of those simple magic tricks using just your hands, in which you make a coin pass through the top of your hand. While performing, twist your left hand downwards (palm facing down) and take a different coin in the right hand. Take your other hand, and move as though you are picking the coin, keeping the palm facing up toward your chest.

    You are going to pretend to be picking the coin with your free hand, but you are actually going to simply let your thumb drop, causing the coin to fall to your palm. As you are doing, or saying, whatever magic words, let your palm drop to your face, and the coin will slide out of your sleeve and directly into your palm. You must practice dropping your palm down so the coin slides out of the sleeve and you can grab it.

    Take the other hand, swing it backwards from behind the other elbow, bring the coin to your fingers, and then act like you are pulling it from the elbow. Curl your fingers naturally, and gently rest the coin on the base of your fingers, your third finger, on your finger. Wrap your left hand around your right wrist, so your thumb and fingers meet on the top of your wrist.

    Before starting the trick, you will want to place the smallest rubber band around the thumb and your left hands next three fingers. You can also reverse this trick, placing your scarf back on top of your left hand, pushing through the scarf with your right hand, then dropping the small rubber band onto your left hand. When you are ready to perform the trick, take out the scarf with your right hand and place it back over your left hand.

    Simultaneously, twist your left thumb downward so the tip of your thumb is hidden inside your left palm. As you are about to let the hands pass each other, close the front hand, simultaneously opening the back hand. When you are ready to perform the trick, you should be able to position the hands quickly this way.

    You will begin the trick by placing your left hand index finger over your left hand under your right pinkys lower finger bone. With the other hand, you make a fist, sticking your index finger in, which will serve as your finger for hypnosis. To make my favourite 4-Ace trick feel cool, just like actual telekinesis, keep your fingers up, with the thumb close to the straws end.

    Other than that, you only need a bit of practice to pull off this magnetic pencil trick, which looks like black magic — your eyes will not believe you saw a pencil magically remain in your hand, untouched. In this trick, kids will have a pencil levitating around in the air, sticking to your hand, like a magnetic field is at work. In this trick, kids will trick their audiences into thinking that an ordinary set of playing cards is magically stuck to their hands.

    They will have to create their own trick cards for this one, but this is easy with a few scissors and glue. Because the live audience will want to tap on the cards, this is the type of trick best performed via Skype with a cousin or grandparents, but with practice and confidence, kids can fool even live audiences. In the basic coin-flipping trick, kids may tell friends they are going to try and squeeze an egg as tight as possible without breaking it.

    This easy magicians trick is easy and tons of fun, mostly because viewers really do not know what is in the mug. For this trick, you will need a cup, a table, a coin that fits underneath the cup, and a napkin or a sheet of paper that covers the cup and can keep it shaped. You will see how simple this magic card stunt is to learn (that is why it is called The Worlds Simplest Card Trick) and you will wow your friends and family anytime. If you liked this one-handed trick, you might also like learning The Magnetic Pencil Magic Trick.

    The only things needed for this old-school magic trick are a pencil (a pen would work just as well) and the hands of children. Reveal an empty hand, which creates a rousing moment, making it look as though you may have pulled off the trick of the disappearing hands, then one of the hands is the matching hand. Then, grasp the remaining item by your thumb and index finger, with one of the items already in your palm, and now both matches are in one hand, even though viewers thought you had switched them around, with one being in each hand. Now, roll up small pieces to form a tight ball and hold that ball between your fourth and pinky fingers in your free hand.

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