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How Do Magicians Levitate?

    I am going to explain a famous magic levitation trick, which is used by magicians to get a woman floating through the air. With this trick, magicians can have a woman fly directly before their eyes, with no strings used. I am going to explain the technique behind this illusion in great detail, and have even created a graphic that shows the way magicians move a ring around the floating woman. When watching performances where a magician uses rings, they usually will be moving rings around a person who is floating twice.

    Its U-shape allows a magician to move from side to side in ring, all around the entire body of the levitated person before him. The Secret is designed to perform just that illusion, allowing the magician to move to the rings entirely around the floating person. In other words, this is the ultimate piece of professional illusionist gear for those that are not performing classical illusions, but rather, prefers to wow audiences with super-strong levitation effects. A levitation illusion is an illusion where a magician appears to defy gravity, making an object or a person fly through the air.

    From silver balls to floating ladies, magicians have been performing levitation illusions for years. The ability to make objects appear animated or levitating is one of the strongest magical tricks that magicians perform. Physics is a proven law, and gravity keeps us from being able to literally get up from the ground and levitate, and magicians have a number of methods, ranging from strings to engines.

    Magicians are capable of making a woman levitate through the air using a special device hidden under her clothes. In smaller-scale illusions, such as those involving the magician or an assistant, levitation may be accomplished either by standing tip-toe, so that the feet touching the ground are concealed, or using a concealed platform or wires. The magician or assistants levitation can be achieved using a concealed platform or hidden wires, or, in smaller illusions, standing on tiptoe to conceal the foot that touches the ground.

    In the other types of Levitation, the helper or magician themselves begin reclining, or sitting, or squatting. In some versions, the magician stands directly behind the levitated assistant, remaining suspiciously still throughout the levitation. As in previous levitation tricks, something happens to the levitating assistant which is invisible to the spectator.

    The illusion occurs as the magician retracts his chair, with the assistant still floating through the air. This is the asrah levitate, the magic being the shield of an assistants form is placed on top of the reclined assistant, together with a piece of fabric. Asrah Levitation uses a framework made from fine wires which are placed on top of an assistant along with the cloth.

    Asrah Levitation is performed by taking off a shoe furthest from the viewer, turning that foot 90 degrees from the viewer, the empty shoe being coiled between the performers feet. Standing at a specific angle, such that only one leg is visible to the audience, with only the rear heel of the other leg, The Performer may then stand on the tip of the hidden leg, lifting the visible leg entirely off the ground, and appearing to levitate.

    This Type-2 levitate is most impressive when performed by a magician The magician will casually step outside, sit down on a stool, then levitate a few feet off of the stool without any visible support. This type 2 levitation is most impressive when the magician accidentally walks out, perching on a stool, and then rising several feet above the stool with no visible support. One of these tricks is a table top levitation, which you will know by now, but the other two tricks are totally different, involving levitating smaller objects.

    The modern version of a brain-bending magic trick is credited to magician Dirk Losander, who modified other tricks and techniques used for the levation of smaller objects and applied it to make the floating table trick. Many illusionists, including David Roth, Paul Harris, and David Blaine, popularized the Balducci Levitation. The Balducci Levitation is a makeshift magic trick which appears to show the magician levitating one to two inches from the ground, wherever they are in the world. Another version of a latter form of levitation seen on television shows is the performance of the typical Balducci, with audience reactions being recorded, and the illusion being returned, and implemented using ropes, either to gain additional height, or for the front or back shots.

    Combining the use of wires with visual distractions, the optical illusion of floating or flying is not difficult to achieve. There are even times where a levitation event is just acted out. Using MagicMost levitation tricks employ visual illusions and disorientation in order to draw the eye away from whatas actually happening. Smoke and mirrors levitating an reclining assistant is another frequently repeated trick, which similarly relies on optical illusions and misdirection, along with a little bit of physics.

    Proposals, anticipation, skillful performing, and misdirection then help observers interpret what they are seeing while the magician is floating through the air. In other cases, magicians have used strings or rays to perform the trick of levity. For trickier magic tricks with levitation, such as levitate in an empty room, open floor, or outdoor space, and the levitate at quite a high altitude performed by Criss Angel, involves a video trick where viewers are a part of the magic, while the magician is supported by the wires, as explained in the following video. Now, you definitely know exactly how levitate people are performed, but there is also another version of the trick I would like to talk about.

    This is because a magician using the rings has to be able to get loose with rings, and on their second turn with a levitating person, they are able to get them out of a U-shape once more.

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