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De Walt Saws

    A miter saw is a stationary tool used to perform various types of cuts, including crosscuts, bevel cuts, compound cuts, and, as the name suggests, miter cuts. The DeWalt Compound Slide Miter Saw is a double-bevel model called the Flexvolt 12-inch Miter Saw.

    This combination action means wider boards and floorboards can be cut, making the sliding compound miter saw a highly versatile and productive tool for the home DIYer as well as commercial users. The DeWalt sliding compound miter saw also has quick-set depth stops, so you can cut slits or trenches into wider stocks. The package is a bit on the smaller side. Get a 12-inch double-bevel sliding compound miter saw from DeWalt, seen at Acme Tools, Amazon, or at The Home Depot.

    Modest in capability Get the DeWalt 20-volt MAX 7 1/4-inch compound miter saw at The Home Depot or at Acme Tools. DeWalt does not make inexpensive miter saws, but this DW715 model is priced fairly for a 12″ saw with that quality and general cutting capability. It is important to verify actual capacities of each model, not to assume, say, two 12-inch DeWalt miter saws will be the same in terms of cut volume.

    We want to know whether its improved performance is sufficient, or whether you are better off turning to the FlexVolt Advantage, or even to one of the FlexVolt Circular Saws, for better performance. We needed to place it squarely on time, which is what we have seen out of the DeWalt FlexVolt Advantage, FlexVolt, and Worm Drive-style models.

    Like other power detection tools, DeWalt offers this model only in kit form, just to ensure that you are getting battery efficiency. The DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw is a solid cuter on the 8 Ah battery, and it is definitely able to finish jobs on the other 20V Max batteries. This saw uses the Power Share Battery, which is swappable to other 20V Max saws and tools from Worx.

    This Power Detecting Circular Saw feels good in my hands, with good contours in the main grip, and the front grip that is nicely filled out in my hands. During a testing session at our store, the Power Detect Circular Saw produced some interesting results. It emulates the actions of a beam saw, invented by Raymond DeWalt in 1922.

    The pivot is most useful when installing crown molding, where two exact angles must be cut simultaneously. The blade on your saw can rotate to the left or the right so that it cuts the material to your desired angle. When using a single-bevel saw, you have to physically turn the piece over to get the same cuts to either side.

    Make fast and precise cuts at different angles, including bevel cuts, using a mitre saw. It is really easy to see your cutting lines as you place your wood piece on the saws fence, which allows for a smooth, precise cut right where you want it to be smooth. The Bauker 85mm Mini Saw includes quick cutting depth adjustments.

    The 10-inch DeWalt Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is once again built around the same 15-amp, high-power motor, with the model running up to 5000 RPM. It is basically the same as the DeWalt Cord 12-inch double-bevel sliding compound saw, but with the advantage of battery power. Power saws, like a jigsaw, circular, reciprocating, and tablesaw, are used to slice through a variety of materials, like wood and metal, in an efficient and effective manner.

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